The goal of this tutorial is to render a static website from the folder ‘<your_user>/sites’

  1. Open the spotlight search (shortcut: Command + Space Bar) or press the magnifying glass icon on the top right bar of your screen and write: ‘terminal’
  2. Once the terminal loads, execute the command for initialise apache:
sudo apachectl start

Type your admin password and press enter. At this point, if you open your any browser on your machine and point it to localhost (or it should say: ‘it works’

Now, we need a place to add the files that will be served locally by…

Illustration: phpAdmin

The goal of this tutorial is to install and run PHPmyAdmin 5.1 on a Mac using Big Sur as Operative System. There are several ways to install PHPmyAdmin on a Mac, and from my perspective, the easiest way to do so is by using MAMP, which is a free Apache or Ngnix web server app that will spin a virtual instance of a web server in your local computer, which you can access through a local browser by pointing it to or http://localhost:8888. Note that “local” means in your own computer.

Apache and Ngnix uses what they call a…

Set up a running Django 3.0.4 “Hello World” app that uses MySql on Google Cloud.

MacOS V.10.15.3
Python 3.7.7

  1. Create a a GCP MySql 3.7 instance in the console :

Go to go to menu ( ☰ ) → SQL


Node 10.11.x and npm 6.X or above

Create a project folder and initiate npm, in the terminal execute:

mkdir my-new-project && cd my-new-project && npm init -y

npm install save-dev node-sass

npm install live-server

Then create two folders:

mkdir scss && mkdir css

Inside of those folders create two files:

cd scss && touch style.scss && cd ..

cd css && touch style.css

Go to the package.json file and add the following on the “scripts” array

"sass":"node-sass sass/style.scss css/style.css -w

That means that node will be “watching” or listening for changes on the css file. …


MacOS Catalina V 10.15

MySQL 8.0.18


  1. Go to and download the Version 4.9.1 all languages.
  2. Open the terminal:
cd /Users/your-user/Sites/
mkdir phpmyadmin

3. Extract the downloaded files…


npm i firebase

And assumes that you have two separate projects to deploy and a first all ready deployed.

First, log into the project on the firebase web console where you already have one site deployed and go to “hosting” and click “add site”

Lets say your site name will be

Then inside your project folder do:

firebase init

Select the hosting option and proceed.

This command will create, among others, a file called firebase.json which you will have to edit. Open it and change this:

The world computer.

Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract.

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